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Horizons Life

& Explorations 

21750 Red Rum Drive Suite 112

Ashburn, Virginia 20147

Main: 703-485-9690


With adaptive keyboards, touch screens and other various software, CV supports our participants to utilize technology to enhance their daily life


To empower persons with disabilities to broaden their horizons and embrace new dreams



We envision communities where persons with intellectual disabilities can thrive.

We strive to create independent, robust lifestyles that are tailored to each person’s needs, preferences, and desires.

Horizons Life and Explorations Program thoughtfully combines community and center programming into one comprehensive day support location. Individuals supported in this program have the option of participating in structured learning opportunities on site or community engagement and learning. 


Horizons Life and Explorations Program location was carefully chosen to achieve a true sense of community participation for all individuals supported. This program is located in an area surrounded by local businesses and nearby retail locations, to provide a plethora of opportunities for community connections. 


Whether the day holds a change to create their own on-site news broadcast, or a Meet-and-Greet at the local NFL practice field, participants enjoy every opportunity to broaden their horizons!

Check out our Video Tour! COMING SOON

Looking for more information or  interested in applying today?

If you would like more information about our programs and referral process please contact us at or 240-377-6443. You can also download a copy of our admission application and submit your completed application.

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