• How do you select staff members?

    •  All potential employees undergo a thorough interview process which includes extensive reference and credential checks as well as criminal background checks including FBI and Virginia State Police checks and Child Protective Services checks. Supported persons also take part in the interview process of new applicants.

    • Many of our direct care employees have an associates degree or higher and most management team members have a bachelors degree or advanced degree in a human services fields.


  • What staff training do you provide?

    • Our comprehensive training includes Medication Administration, First Aid and CPR, Crisis Prevention Intervention, Human Rights, and Abuse and Neglect Prevention. We also provide professional development courses on providing personal care, maintaining a safe environment, navigating electronic records management systems, and more.

    • Employees attend training renewals throughout the year and participate in monthly development meetings. Management and supervisory team members meet with the CEO weekly to ensure best practices and engage in additional training.


  • Can you accommodate significant behavioral concerns?

    • Yes. We are dedicated to supporting persons with significant behavioral support needs.

    • Using the Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) approach, we follow positive behavioral supports. We use restrictive measures only when the health and safety of persons supported and/or others are in jeopardy. We work closely with our affiliate therapeutic consultation program, Collaborations, as well as many other behavior providers to provide behavior supports that meet the individual's needs. 

  • What do I do if I want to refer a loved on for one of your programs?

    •  If you would like more information about our referral process please contact us at ​We invite you to schedule a tour to view any of our programs or to come visit on our Tour Tuesdays the first Tuesdays of the month. Ready to apply? Download our application and submit it to today!



  • How do you integrate supported persons into the community?

    • Our wide array of community participation activities includes restaurant excursions, sporting events, parks, shopping centers, and more. From these experiences, supported persons have the opportunity to exercise their free will, integrate with the community, and foster an essential sense of belonging and self-worth.


  • Who develops and plans the community exploration opportunities?

    • Supported persons lead the process of creating weekly community exploration opportunities, which incorporate unique and creative experiences that reflect the individual program members.


  • What if my loved one does not want to participate in an activity?

    • We respect all individuals and their preferences. If your family member does not want to participate in an activity, we will make every effort to offer alternatives. We structure by groups according to likes and preferences, so that participants often have similar interests and are inclined to engage.


  • What if my loved one cannot physically participate?

    • We create exploration opportunities that accommodate all persons, including those with physical limitations.

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